Using the interpreter

After successfully installing the interpreter you will have the roo binary at your disposal. For clarity, in the following examples the $ denotes the command line prompt.

Running a script

Running a script is easy. Just pass as an argument to the Roo interpreter the full path to the script to run:

$ roo my_program.roo

Using the REPL

It’s possible to use the interpreter as a REPL. This allows the execution of Roo commands with immediate response in real-time.

$ roo
Roo interpreter (v2.5.0)

Jyst type Roo commands at the prompt (>>>) and you’ll get immediate output from the Terminal.


You can get basic help from the interpreter with the -h flag:

$ roo -h
Roo interpreter (v2.5.0)
Usage: roo [option]
roo <file>  : Run a script
roo -h      : Display help
roo -v      : Display the interpreter's version number

You can see the current version of the Roo interpreter installed on your system with the -v flag:

$ roo -v