The Array data type

An array is an ordered and inteher-indexed generic collection of elements of any type (including custom classes).

Arrays are typically created with an array literal denoted by square brackets ([]) and individual elements are separated by commas:

[1, 2, "skip a few", 99, 100]

Arrays are mutable. Only single dimensional arrays are supported but arrays can be nested. They have a zero-based index (i.e: the first element’s index is 0):

var a = [] # Empty array.
var b = [1, 2, 3] # Creation of an array and assignment on same line.
b[1] = "Hello!" # => [1, "Hello!", 3]
b[0] # => 1

# Arrays of mixed types are supported.
var c = ["Female", 36, True]

# Arrays can contain other arrays.
var arr2 = [1, 2, ["a", "b"]]

Comprehensive documentation of the Array object’s methods and getters can be found in the Array section.